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Practice is the key to learning an instrument. One can think of practice as the engine that drives the train of improvement, while lessons are the rails that keep the train headed in the right direction.
      If you are looking for value read this page carefully so that you know what you are  getting for your dollars. If you are looking for the least expensive teacher, click the prices link at the bottom of the page.

My prices are competitive but not the cheapest. This Studio offers the best value in the area. Before explaining the payment plans I would like to point out some extra benefits you will receive that most other teachers don't offer.

     I will make lessons up as my schedule permits. Many teachers don't.
     I do not charge a recital fee and I offer refreshment 
afterward at no charge. Some students come just for the
     I have two grand pianos so that I can play with 
students and demonstrate for them easily.
If a student misses a lesson,  it may be made up as the studio schedule permits.
Adult students are motivated to practice, but have many other priorities that preclude consistent practice periods.  Adult students must make sure that they can prioritize practice time. 
The reality is that most young students want to learn and play their instrument but they don't want to practice. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children are practicing consistently.
Recitals occur two times a year, once at the end of January and once at the beginning of June. They take place at the studio and run about 45 minutes after which there is a reception with 
snacks and drinks. 
Students are not required to perform or attend recitals but are strongly encouraged to.  The most progress occurs for many students the month before a recital.

There are currently no fees for recitals.
The Oregon Music Teachers Association Piano Syllabus is “an outline of study designed to provide students with a thorough and comprehensive background in keyboard skills, musical understanding, and performance ability."
It involves learning a specific set of technical and theoretical skills and performing before an adjudicator to receive a certificate of achievement. 
There are 10 levels of testing. I believe the Syllabus is helpful in developing student’s musical skill and overall ability to learn, accomplish goals, present him or herself in public, and develop self-confidence.
Here are the basics of how it works: 
There are two exam weekends per year,  
one in the spring and one in the fall.

Students need not start at level 1, but can test at their appropriate level.

The student will be required to perform three or four pieces of contrasting styles from memory, plus a 
series of technical skills. 

The exam fee ranges from $22 to $55.
There will be a $20 annual fee to the studio.
If the studio cancels a lesson, it may be made up at your discretion as the studio schedule  permits, or you will be refunded the price of the lesson.

I do not charge by the lesson, but by the month. 

Students who choose the installment plan will pay (at a discount) 
for four months in September, four in December and four in 
March. There will be 48 scheduled lessons per year. 
Additionally, a family discount is reflected in the payments

Those on the monthly plan will pay in full each month 
regardless of the number of lessons scheduled. 
There will be 48 lessons scheduled per year.
There is no family disount for the monthly plan. 

Here are the fees
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Installment plan (3 payments per year)

1 student 30 min.  $400 
2 students 30 min.  $700 
3 students 30 min.  $1,000 
1 student 45 min.  $600
1 student 45 min.  and 1 student 30 min.  $900 
2 students 45 min.  $1,100 

Students visiting family abroad for extended periods of time must notify me by March 1 to reduce their payments. Payments are due at the first lesson in September, December and March. There are no refunds.

Monthly plan

1 student 30 min. $120 
2 students 30 min.  $240 
3 students 30 min.  $360 
1 student 45 min. $160 
1 student 45 min. 1 student 30 min. $280
2 students 45 min. $320 

Payments are due at the first lesson of each month. There are no refunds.